Wildlife Proofing for All Species

Wildlife Proofing describes the process in which we affix one-way doors to areas where nuisance wildlife is entering and exiting a building. We then proceed to seal off any other potential entrances/exits on the exterior of the structure. Any animals/birds left inside are able to escape from the interior through our one-way doors. Once outside the animals/birds will be unable to regain access to the building’s interior. The one-way doors are removed once all wildlife has vacated the building and the remaining entrances/exits are permanently sealed off.

Ground Exclusions for All Species

Ground Exclusion describes the process in which we screen off the bottoms of  buildings, barns, sheds, pools or porches in order to prevent wildlife from digging underneath them. One-way doors are utilized if we suspect any wildlife of being underneath a structure during ground exclusion to ensure that nothing is left trapped below the structure.

Wildlife Trapping

We utilize the most humane methods possible to catch nuisance wildlife and remove them from the property. 

Bio-Hazard Cleanup

Bio-Hazard Cleanup describes the process of removing the mess left behind by the pests and critters after we remove them! We clean out everything!


Whether it’s roofing, sheet rock , or insulation, we’ll repair what was damaged by the pests in your home! This also includes soffit, siding and fascia replacement.

We disinfect areas with professional grade chemicals administered through atomizing foggers.

Odor Neutralization & Disinfection

We disinfect areas with professional grade chemicals through atomizing foggers.

We disinfect areas with professional grade chemicals administered through atomizing foggers.

Repellent and Fencing Installation

Application/installation of bird, snake and rodent repellent/deterrents. Deer fencing installation. Electric fencing installation for bears.

White-Tailed Deer Management

Professional sharp-shooting services ensure effective, humane, and safe culling of overpopulated deer herds in residential municipalities, gated communities, golf courses, resorts, and airports.

Carcass Removal and Disposal

When a wild animal or bird succumbs to injury, fatigue, disease or old age on your property we will come out to remove the unpleasant aftermath left behind and dispose of it properly.