We are a family owned business based in the heart of the Poconos since 2008.  Our family has been extensively involved in wildlife management and home improvement contracting for generations.  This unique combination of skill sets has allowed us to develop the most effective and humane system for abating wildlife conflicts.  Not only do we remove wildlife from a structure and clean up their mess, but we keep them from getting back in.

Questions? Want to schedule service? Call us: (570) 350-6171

We are a proud supporter, sponsor, and member of the Northampton County Junior Conservation School. The school offers 35 boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 17 an opportunity to work with other youth and adults in a hands-on, practical, non-traditional learning experience during a week-long session held every year in July. For information regarding this program feel free to call us with any questions or visit the conservation school’s website to learn more. 

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