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Wildlife Proofing Services
Let’s Start At The Top

Many wild animals enter through the peaks of roofs through the ridge vents. We install Ridge Guard in order to prevent these animals from gaining access into your attic while maintaining proper ventilation.

Wildlife can slip into attics through roof vents. We install wildlife proof cages over all dome vents and we silicone seal the boots of all existing pipe vents.

We screen off gable vents to prevent wildlife from entering attics at these vulnerable locations.

Wildlife often rips soffit down allowing easy access into the interior framework of roofs and attics. We flash off these vulnerable areas with aluminum trim coil color matched to the existing soffit.

Wildlife will often exploit weather damaged siding. We will remove the damaged siding and insulation and replace it with new matching materials.

We install wildlife proof cages and screens over all exterior hood vents and foundation vents.

We remove and dispose of weather damaged crawlspace access doors and replace them with custom built PVC doors which prevent rotting in high moisture areas.

We bear-proof crawlspace doors and cellar windows.

Often, wildlife digs underneath low-level porches and sheds. We provide ground exclusion services to prevent anything from digging underneath these structures.

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